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for the Study of Diagonality
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Daring Diagonal Virtual Museum
Cupola Reichstag, Berlin
Judith Turner, photographer

In 1972, when diagonality was ablaze around the world, Judith Turner began taking photographs of architecture. She was attracted to abstract and non-representational forms and liked the pure structure of man-made industrials materials. An intense interest in architecture emerged, but her goal was not to shoot conventional interior and exterior shots. She was looking for artistic abstract compositions that caught the spirit of the buildings with which she was engaging.

She photographed one building each of five leading avant-garde New York architects active at that time; Charles Gwathmey, Peter, Eisenman, Michael, Graves, Richard Meier, and John Hejduk. Selections from her book Judith Turner Photographs Five Architects are presented below. Her angular compositions oftentimes depart from the mostly orthogonal designs of the houses.