1.2 – About DDVM

1.9 – The DDVM and the Center for the Study of Diagonality is dedicated to properly crediting photographers, authors, and artists for use of material utilized on this educational site. If some content is not credited or improperly credited, please contact us and we will promptly correct mislabeled or unlabeled material. Some of the content we use is found on sites, such as Pinterest, with little or no attribution. It is also sometimes difficult to track down information for proper attributions and permissions, but on many occasions we have met with success. Nevertheless, we regret any oversights. The Daring Diagonal Virtual Museum is new website launched in August 2020. We appreciate your patience as we endeavor to properly credit works we are exhibiting, linking to, and referencing.
Brief Timeline

1963 — the idea of Diagonality occurs to Joel Levinson when he was a student of architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. This launches his investigation into what he soon comes to call the Phenomenon of Diagonality
1969 — staff at Joel Levinson’s architectural firm begin to assist in researching project examples
1998 — Levinson assembles his writings on Diagonality in a spiral bound book of 200 pages
2005 — the author adopts the phrase Signature Geometry of the Modern Era. The title The Daring Diagonal begins to appear in the author’s writings
2017 — Patrick Parker is hired to create the original Daring Diagonal website
2019 — Levinson presents his first illustrated lecture on Diagonality to the Science and Art Club of Germantown in Philadelphia
2019 — Joel begins to work with Dr. Kenneth Ford, physicist, author, educator who volunteered to edit the Daring Diagonal manuscript
2020 — HFB Technologies is hired to create the Daring Diagonal Virtual Museum