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A Striking example of how diagonality has transformed the shape of skyscrapers.

Thanks to those who helped

The study of Diagonality has occurred over a period approaching sixty years. Many people have contributed to the development of the idea in ways large and small. The list that follows acknowledges these contributions for which we express deep appreciation.

Names are added as they are recalled or as information and advice are provided. Titles may not be current.


Kemal Aran, architect, Turkey
Al-Armoot Ghazi, architect, Germany
John Andrews, architect, USA
Abubakar Adamu, educator, Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria
Anthony Alofsin, author, USA
Catherine B. Asher, Department of Art History, University of Minnesota, USA



Leslie and Peter Barton, Octagon house officiandos, Canada
Regan Brumagen, librarian, Corning Museum of Glass, NY, USA
Gayle Block, muse, USA
Susan Bockius, Stained glass researcher and historian, USA
Nelson Brackin, architect, USA
George Bryant, architect, USA
Monroe Buckner, architect, USA
Judith Buten, DDVM development, USA



Kelsey Cates, graphic designer, USA
Mario Cuceinella, architect, Italy
Deborah Cooper, friend, USA
Adam Cooper, artist, USA
Bob Cohen, engineer & musician, USA
Linda Cedro
Richard Cox, Director, Howard Gardens Gallery, Cardiff School of Art & Design, UK



Rob Decker, architect, USA
Daniele Domenicali, photographer, Italy
Gunther Domenig, Architect, Germany
John Darling-Wolf, architect, USA
Derek Dursteler, Web Developer, USA



Carl D. Emberger, architect, USA
Sam Edgerton, Ph.D., Director of the graduate program in art history, Williams College, USA



Anthony Forjohn, architect, USA
C. William Fox, architect, USA
Kenneth Ford Ph. D., physicist, educator, author, editor of the Daring Diagonal, USA
Rob Fleming, landscape architect, USA



Suzanne Germann
Laurel Garrett, President, Warwick Foundation, USA
Nancy Ginter, docent, Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA



Scott Hargis, Photographer, USA
Vince Harris, Web Developer
Rebecca Holden, researcher, USA



Carol Isard, USA



Joe Jarrett, Cambridge Center for Material Text, England
Michael Jadis, Logistics, USA
Mike Jackson, Photographer, USA



Stephanie Knopp, graphic designer & educator, USA
Alexander Kudryavtsev, Moscow Institute of Architecture, Russia
Nathaniel Kahn, filmmaker, USA
Ruth Mazo Karras, educator and author, USA
Janet and Ronald Kimball


Aaron Levinson, educator and music aficionado, USA
Julie Levinson, website researcher, USA
Marty Lozanoff, sage, USA
David Lockard, attorney, USA
Stephen Lebowitz, architect & former partner, USA
Adam Levinson, consultant, USA
Alan Levy, architect & educator, USA
Jesse Lockard, USA
J. Krzysztof Lenartowicz, architect and author, Poland



Manfred Mohr, artist, USA
Christopher Monkhouse, Curator of Architecture, The Carnegie Museum of Art, USA
Justin McBrien, researcher-writer, USA
Travis McDonald, Director of Architectural Restoration, Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest, USA
Raymond Moriyama, architect, Vancouver, Canada
Deane Madsen, USA







Jennifer Powell, philosopher, USA
Sabine Pink, assistant, office of architect Gunther Domenig, Germany
Harriet Pattison, landscape architect USA
Peter Pearce, architect, USA
Olivier Pannier, architect, France





Mark Randall, interior designer, USA
Mark A. Reynolds, geometrist, artist, USA
Sarah Ridenour, architect, USA



Kirk Savage, educator and author, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Jeff Sedwin, researcher, USA
Jay Shermeta, architect, USA
Denise Scott-Brown, architect & author, USA
Maria Michela Sassi, educator and author, Italy
Michael Simon, interior designer, USA
Darlene Glorianna Sisk, advisor and editorial assistant, USA
Octavia Starbuck, Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest, USA
Rafi Segal, architect, Israel



Janet Thomas, editor & researcher, USA
I. H. Thompson, professor of landscape architecture, Newcastle University, England
Anne Griswold Tyng, architect, USA
Judith Farr Tormey, philosopher and author, USA
Tradd Thomas, USA
Stan Tenen, Sacred Geometry, USA



Maria Urman, Georgia



Roy Vollmer, Architect, USA
Robert Venturi, architect, author, educate, USA
Meghan White, Saving Places, National Trust for Historic Places, USA
Manuel Villa, architect
Raphael and Victoria Villamil, USA



William Whitaker, Curator, Architectural Archives of the University of Pennsylvania, USA
James Whitaker, designer, England
Bill Wainright
Nicholas Fox Weber, Director, Joseph Albers Foundation, USA





Steve Young, USA
Siyang You, research, USA



Nicole Zeitz, research, USA