About the Book


Joel Levinson’s book THE DARING DIAGONAL has been under development for several decades. Presented on the following pages are THE PREFACE, THE INTRODUCTION, and a critically important chapter dealing with the RIGHT ANGLE in architecture. For several thousand years, the never faltering usefulness of the right angle worked against the emergence of the dissident geometry of Diagonality until it finally blossomed in the 20th century.

Other chapters may be added to this website in the near future. When THE DARING DIAGONAL is published it will be for sale in the DDVM bookstore.

I take this occasion to thank my dear friend Dr. Kenneth Ford for offering to edit the book over the last year and half. Ken is a physicist, author, and educator and his demand for precise language, correct grammar, and reliable details has been of immeasurable value. For editing advice, I also thank my muse Gayle Block for her call for brevity and simple language, advice I sometimes fail to take. Lastly, I thank my children, Aaron Levinson and Julie Levinson, for their various and numerous contributions over a half-century to the shaping of the idea of Diagonality, the text, and the formation of this website.